TOD Projects on Bus Rapid Transit lines

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I am looking for examples of TOD projects along bus rapid transit lines in a suburban neighborhood setting. Can anyone point me to some projects around the country that I can look to as examples?


not as well studied

True, grade-separated BRT systems are pretty rare, although a few American cities have recently opened systems incorporating varying degrees of ROW separation. Those (Boston Silver Line, Cleveland Health Line, LA Orange Line) are too new to have had much impact on development at this time, but a lot of planning has gone into promoting TOD around them -- and around the US 36 BRT route planned in the Denver-Boulder corridor.

I did find a recent MIT thesis that examined development around BRT lines in Ottawa, Brisbane, and Pittsburgh:

I took a few photos this weekend of new retail development in Pittsburgh's East Liberty neighborhood, adjacent to the busway. It's well-designed, but in a much more urban context than what you've described -- definitely T5.

Busway adjacent development in Pittsburgh

Post those photos, Payton!

Pittsburgh photos

Here are three photos of East Side, a retail complex on a narrow block backing up to the busway. The East Liberty busway station is half a block east.

Pittsburgh's busways are built in railroad ROWs. The east busway (the most popular) sits in a pretty deep trench with two active freight lines. This particular project includes a new pedestrian bridge across the trench, since currently there's 2000' between street crossings.


A few good links from Reconnecting America (and a doubt from me)

Jeff Wood of Reconnecting America has a few good links to share and a potential example or two, but says BRT is newer and is still waiting for good examples of new TOD. To the extent, though, that BRT relies on freeway-like right-of-ways, that makes connecting this less-than-urban infrastructure with walkable urbanism more difficult. If the busways can be tamed in an urban way, I'd love to see images. Perhaps Curitiba has the most experience with this challenge.

Here's the information from Jeff Wood:

There have only been a few true BRT lines that have opened recently. You might have to go to Ottawa or Brisbane to get development too. There are plans for development around a new BRT line in Hartford that might be of interest. There’s an article in this newsletter about it.

In Los Angeles a lot of the development has been at the Red Line subway terminus or the Warner Center. The Euclid Line (Health Line) in Cleveland has pushed $4.3 billion in development but it’s on a very urban corridor.



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