Doomsday as an Opportunity?

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If you've read James Howard Kunstler, you are familiar with his doomsday scenario.
Kunstler is the author of The Long Emergency, and World Made by Hand. Check out his latest musings on the end of the world in the New Yorker here.
Also check out Kunstler's website here

It's hard to find read any article about current events that doesn't have somber news. The economy is in crisis, the housing crisis, and our infrastructure is in crisis. However from the planning desk this represents an opportunity. We are in charge and have been warning about the need to plan more holistically for our infrastructure for decades. We know which infrastructure projects are ready to go and deserve support. We know which bridges are failing, which roads are ready to give out. We are the ones making plans for opportunity, soliciting public opinion. So CNU members, planners architects let's get behind the stimulus, contact your Senator, show your support for infrastructure and transit. This is our opportunity, it's not all doomsday.


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