Campbell's Soup's New World Headquarters, in Camden, New Jersey moves forward.

Campbell's Soup's new Charter violating World Headquarters, in Camden, New Jersey moves forward. Another blown redevelopment opportunity by Camden"s myopic leadership, and another environmentally unfriendly development by a Fortune 500 company in America. Waste of space, and Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) to reach site, far offset LEED certification of new buildings. Campbell's ignores mass transit in favor of car. NJ's taxpayer funded Office of Smart Growth ( formerly known as the State Planning Board) and CNU state members remain silent in face of rules violations.


proximity to transit

The new site is close enough to both transit lines for commuters to walk. The problem (as you suggest on the blog) is the hostile environment in between. The Patco line is very close and a path could be created, but the other line is across parking lots and what look to be difficult thoroughfare crossings. (I am assuming there are stations where the pushpins are.) However, it can be made safe for walking. They should do that.
Unfortunately it is otherwise isolated from everything - downtown, the riverfront, and their own beautiful ballpark. LEED, huh? Here we go again. One hopes that one day those parking lots will be infilled with TOD.

Hi Sandy,There are no

Hi Sandy,

There are no stations, and no stations planned. Everything you see in the Google Earth map is being torn down. Campbell's is building from a blank slate and anything is possible.

The area you see is the immediate Campbell's HQ development. The actual Gateway development, which has not begun yet, extends into the surrounding neighborhood and is 10 x more area than you see here. ( The neighborhood is virtually all blight and decay.)

Campbell's has scaled down a bit their own footprint, but not, as Master Redevloper, what is planned for the rest of The Gateway.

Construction of Campbell's suburban style office park's new buildings is well underway, but not shown in this latest Google Earth map. Campbell's plans to add 1,700 more parking spaces for other business offices it hopes to attract. ( Mainly their own suppliers. What happens if they no longer like what their suppliers charge them? Will the suppliers stay anyway? Not likely.)

Just out of view to the west of route 676 is the Corriel Institute, the worlds largest repository of stem cells, and the University of Medicine and Denistry of NJ. The partly developed Camden waterfront and ballpark is one mile to the west. The waterfront is the extreme west of downtown. Campbell's / Gateway is the extreme east of downtown. A properly developed east side would make infill between the two ends lsss risky and rational as development spread toward the middle.


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