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The Smart Growth Schools website is designed to make it easier for people to understand how they can improve their communities and schools by considering issues that are oftentimes ignored in the school planning process. These issues pertain to the intersection between Smart Growth and K-12 schools. Paying attention to these issues will result in communities saving money, decreasing the environmental impact of schools on the community, improving the health of students, and increasing the long-term support for the school system by those who do not have school-aged children.

The key elements of the website are:

The Smart Growth Schools Report Card
The Report Card is a compilation of the best practices from the literature pertaining to Smart Growth and K-12 schools — translated into eleven performance-based criteria. The Report Card describes these criteria, then provides four or five options for addressing each of them. The options then correspond to a letter grade that permits a local community to assess its efforts.

Connect and share with people who are interested in these issues by joining the ongoing listserv discussion that is dedicated to the topic of Smart Growth and Schools.

Resource Links
We provide links to the most compelling resources pertaining to Smart Growth and Schools — whether they are books, articles, presentations or other organizations.

Seminars and Workshops
We provide details on how we can help you customize educational seminars in your community that can help speed the implementation of school planning efforts that actively support the principles of Smart Growth.

Nathan Norris, the Director of Implementation Advisory for PlaceMakers, LLC, oversees the website, and is the principal author of the Smart Growth Schools Report Card. Substantial support for this website has also been provided by Tyler Caldwell, Penelope Grzebik, Seth Stehouwer and Scott Doyon. You are encouraged to contact Nathan regarding your ideas on how to improve the content of the website or the details of the resources provided.

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