PDX Climate Action Plan Lacking Urban Design Focus

June 24, 2015  Testimony of Mary Vogel, PlanGreen to Portland City Council [This blog was originally posted to my PlanGreen blog where there are already some comments posted.  I would be delighted if you would add your comments there as well!] ... read more »

More Evidence that Urbanists Should Support School Choice

A recent article , "School Choice Programs: The Impacts on Housing Values" reviews literature relating to the impact of charter schools and various types of school choice programs on housing values. ... read more »

Street sense

I always love using this picture when teaching urban desing and transportation and the means by which to avoid grid lock. cheers Brian Killin@Toronto ... read more »

CNU Illinois and Students for New Urbanism Host Pop-Up Design Studio

CNU Illinois and the Illinois Chapter of Students for New Urbanism hosted a successful Pop-up Urban Design Studio last week in Chicago. The studio gave students the opportunity to experience a peer-led charrette followed by collaboration with professional designers and planners. The selected site fo... read more »

Nature & Urbanism: City Creek Center as Biodiversity Engine?

Nature & Urbanism: City Creek Center as Biodiversity Engine? Please read and post comments on my blogs original site as well. There I have more design tools to create a better format. Thanks! ... read more »

LEED v 4 is open for comments

LEED v4 is open for comment until March 31.  This includes the rating system that CNU and the NRDC partnered to create: LEED-ND. ... read more »

Will Orlando, FL's Commuter Rail Be Primarily For Transporting the Homeless To "Psychiatric Facilities?"

Believe me, I'm just as alarmed at the title of this Blog as you are!  But in response to Alex Lenhoff's recent Blog titled: How To Revolutionize A City's Transit System an Orlando, FL Case Study..... ... read more »