Sustainable? Not CNU's Charter Award

According to NJ State Senator Gordon's office on Sept. 15, 2009, NJ Gov. Corzine killed Smart Growth in NJ as soon as he came into office years ago, and it has been dead ever since. Sen. Gordon is one of the sponsors of the NJ State Plan. Maybe a revocation of the award should be considered.

Quoted below, this still exists on the NJ Division of Community Affairs website, although Smart Growth in NJ, in practice stopped years ago. This began with interim Gov. Richard Codeys Ex. Order 45 in 2005 and has been further dismantled under Corzine.

"The State Plan also recognizes the link between community design and lifestyle, and the effects these have on public health. The State Plan has been recognized for these efforts, including receipt of a prestigious Charter Award from the Congress for New Urbanism. The Office is developing a range of initiatives designed to take the State Plan’s message on design to a variety of constituencies."

Although NJ maintains a shell "Office of Smart Growth," since Smart Growth was revoked as policy years ago, maybe CNU should consider revoking the award if the Charter Award is to retain any prestige.



(Just now getting to this.)

A revocation would be a bold, dramatic move that would add tons to CNU's credibility.


I Agree. If the state is going to revoke Smart Growth, why shouldn't we revoke the award?


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