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greetings fellow CNU-ers -

As you all know, we have to use all of our resources in order to further the New Urbanist cause in this country. I have helped facilitate the creation of a new blog site: ( I believe this may be an innovative and persuasively entertaining way for us to make headway in achieving the greater good. Please give it a read and help us generate discussion by subscribing and making any comments that you see fit to the post, of which there will be more to come.

Thanks, Sinclair


Award-winning Blogger

Great to hear that one of our esteemed Athena Award winners is contributing to a blog — and tweeting too. The site definitely has a smart, urgent take on urbanism and draws insights from sources as diverse and surprising as Tom Stoppard and Frank Zappa. One request: it'd be wonderful if it were easier to determine which content has been contributed by Sinclair versus other contributors such as David Pardo. Or maybe the collective voice is part of the fun.

We'll share a link to this posting in our November e-update to CNU members.


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