Wanted: Your Input

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One of the greatest things about CNU is the wealth of knowledge, creativity, and experience of our members. Every year we get together to exchange ideas about creating healthy, viable, sustainable, and enjoyable communities at the Annual Congress. These events give us a forum to talk about the future of urbanism, develop and refine solutions, and network with like-minded individuals. The interaction and open exchange of ideas is what makes the Congress so valuable. If this marketplace of ideas produces such great results, why should we wait until the Congress to start the conversation?

We have developed a new interactive platform that allows members (and interested non-members) to help develop the Congress programs. This platform makes your suggestions visible to other CNU members, who can comment and vote on them. And you can comment and vote on their suggestions as well.

We love this system because it allows for a more transparent process and gives all CNU members an equal opportunity to make their voices heard. Although ideas that rise to the top will attract the most notice from the program committee, that committee will still have the responsibility of using your input to build a diverse and dynamic program.

Our hope is that we can foster a dialog that brings the ideas of members to the top of the list and that allows us to identify the trends in thinking of those who are in the field working with our issues everyday. This system is great for members too because it allows them to try out ideas, receive near instant feedback, and generate new ideas from the suggestions of others.



Call for Input

I love this. We talk so much about involving the community in planning decisions. Here we are involving our own CNU community in planning the 2011 Congress.


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