Streetcars back in vogue

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In 2001 Portland introduced a streetcar line into its Pearl District, and ever since investment in that area has skyrocketed. Businesses have developed around it. Homes have been built. What was once a shady area of the city is now one of the most attractive places to live and shop. What is most remarkable is that this transformation has taken place in less than a decade.

Wanting to match the success of Portland's streetcar, other cities are now building streetcars through their downtowns. Among the cities are Charlotte, Dallas, and Cincinnati. In some cases the tracks are being laid on the same routes on which streetcars used to run half a century ago.

It's good to see cities making investments in transportation alternatives. Besides the investment streetcars bring to an area, streetcars offer an opportunity for residents to ditch their cars. This helps alleviate traffic, making a more plesant experience for riders and drivers alike.

Read more about Portland' streetcars in this USA Today article.



Give a lot of credit to Reconnecting America. Former Reconnect CEO Shelley Poticha and current CEO John Robert Smith have done a great job advocating for streetcars across the nation.


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