The Nature of Cities

Cities are often derided as places of congestion, crowds and concrete. The truth is that within each of those elements reside dynamism, diversity and design. The nature of cities is to blend different environments, ideas and peoples to produce a mixture of places for exchange and interaction. These principles underlie how the nature of cities is enhanced by the nature within cities.

Highlighting the importance of this relationship, the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service and the New York Restoration Project have teamed up to form Vibrant Cities and Urban Forests: A National Call to Action. The initiative is geared towards creating a road map of best practices for cities to utilize in energizing and invigorating their green spaces, and to garner federal attention and support to the cause.

The Congress for the New Urbanism has long been involved in illustrating how to holistically synthesize all the different elements of a place into a vibrant whole. Bringing the vision of CNU and his own experience as the mayor of Milwaukee, CNU CEO & President John Norquist has been named to the 24-member task force that will convene in early April to devise the NYRP plan for action.

For more information and to start spreading the (green) news, visit the Vibrant Cities website.


I agree. Cities are where

I agree. Cities are where real collaboration happens. They are where ideas are created.


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