Norquist Featured in "Economics of Place"

The Economics of Place: The Value of Building Communities Around People is a new book from the Michigan Municipal League, offering up a series of essays on how urbanism and placemaking act as catalysts for creating lasting value. Peter Kageyama, founder of Creative Cities Summit, remarks in the foreword"'Place shapes us. Place defines us. Place is what forms our identities, our attitudes, and our relationships." Certainly, place plays a monumental role in crafting the identities of communities and people alike.

Alongside contributors such as Christopher Leinberger, Carol Coletta, Dan Burden, and others, John Norquist contributes a chapter titled "Federal Urban Policy: Remedy or Obstacle to Michigan Municipalities." In the chapter, Norquist explores the importance of a federal urban policy, or federal programs that benefit local governments. These programs include revenue sharing, disaster relief, and housing programs. Such programs are necessary for communities to develop and expand, but have either been cancelled or currently face obstacles put in place by the government. Norquist thus discusses how current federal policy obstructs urban development and redevelopment.

Other chapters zero in on the issues that affect urban development in Michigan. Topics that the book address include the effects of changing demographics on economic viability, citizen engagement as a means to building sustainable, vibrant communities, and how “social entrepreneurs” are driving change in Detroit.

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