Support the biking movement, and win money for CNU!

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The GOOD community and CLIF Bar have teamed up to announce a nationwide contest supporting the biking movement. Participants will show how awesome the biking lifestyle is by sharing their favorite biking experience alongside a picture of their bike. Winners will then be awarded $10,000 in grant money to go toward their favorite biking charity. (That’s CNU, right? ;))

Forgoing gas-guzzling vehicles for bikes is perhaps one of the best ways to support the New Urbanism movement. Not only can bikes traverse roads and boulevards easily (less traffic for you!), they also cut down on harmful emissions, lessening your carbon footprint. In fact, each mile travelled by bike instead of car saves one pound of carbon dioxide gases from entering the atmosphere. It is no surprise, then, that bikes are one of the most efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly means of transportation. Not to mention that bike riding is a fun way to exercise! In a nutshell, bikes are healthy for you, for the cities, and for the environment.

Contest Rules, taken direct from Good Magazine:


Encourage everyone to celebrate and embrace the benefits of the biking lifestyle. We'll feature a slideshow of the GOOD community's best bike-related pictures and stories that celebrate and promote biking.


The top three entrants (those with the most votes) will designate their grant to a biking nonprofit of their choice. The first place winner will win a year's supply of CLIF Bars, and their chosen nonprofit will receive a $5,000 grant. Two runner-ups will receive a bike messenger bag full of CLIF Bars, and their chosen nonprofits will each receive a $2,500 grant.  


You must submit all of the following to be eligible to win:

  1. A picture of your bike
  2. Your best story of a memorable biking experience in 250 words or less
  3. The name and contact info of your favorite bike nonprofit organization that does work in bike advocacy, safety, awareness, and/or support (Vote for CNU, please!)  

Enter here by September 5. A panel of judges from GOOD and CLIF Bar will select the top 15 submissions and feature them the week of September 12.

To learn more about the biking movement, check out CLIF Bar's 2 Mile Challenge and help reduce the number of car trips in America. Also check out how easy it is to transition to a more bike-friendly lifestyle in the GOOD Guide to Biking for the Planet.


Hop on your bike and ride

Hop on your bike and ride down those complete streets!


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