CNU, NRDC and USGBC Share Renewable Natural Resources Foundation Honor's picture

Yesterday - Thursday, November 10th, 2011 - was a day of celebration and achievement for CNU. Together with Sophie Lambert and Dara Zycherman of USGBC, and Kaid Benfield of NRDC, I accepted an award on behalf of CNU from the Renewable Natural Resources Foundation for the LEED-ND program. The ceremony at USGBC HQ in DC was in honor of the three group's collaboration on the program, and the beautiful solid crystal engraved trophy we received is a testament to all three organizations.

In a short talk, Robert Day of the RNRF said that the Foundation is a collaboration of organizations and scientists whose Board of Directors serves as the jury, and all admired the broad interdisciplinary requirements inherent within the LEED-ND program. Rather than being a formal ceremony, the morning was more of a celebration - an opportunity to connect with long-time friends and meet a few new like-minded people. Kaid gave a little history of how the effort was begun between the organizations. He acknowledged the involvement of Shelley Poticha (former CNU CEO) and joked that the teaming was motivated by each organization being afraid that the other would establish a rating system first and not be as strong as all participating. As the ceremony proved, certainly Kaid was correct that our collective efforts have been most beneficial for all.


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