HUD Announces 2011 Sustainable Communities Grantees

The Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities has announced the winners of the FY2011 competitions for the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning and Community Challenge grant programs. This new round of funding will invest almost $96 million in 27 communities and 29 regions to help each establish its own blueprints for a more livable, equitable, and economically competitive future. These grants join the 87 HUD Sustainable Communities grants announced last year.

The mission of the Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities is to create sustainable communities by connecting housing to jobs, fostering local innovation, and helping to build a clean energy economy. In addition, the Office seeks to stimulate more integrated and sophisticated regional planning to guide state, metropolitan, and local investments in land use, transportation and housing, as well as to challenge localities to undertake zoning and land use reforms.

This year's competition was fierce, with 468 applications from communities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico requesting more than $500 million. Overall, 12% of applicants received funding with an average Community Challenge grant of $610,596, and an average regional grant of $2.31 million.  In addition to the 56 grants that were awarded, an additional 31 communities were rewarded for their efforts with Preferred Sustainability Status, which will entitle those applicants to a range of benefits including access to technical assistance resources and additional bonus points in other HUD and federal grant competitions.

You can see a complete list of successful applications here:


It will be interesting to see

It will be interesting to see how such programs will be affected if the budget commission fails to produce a consensus...especially in light of the news from last week.


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