Write to TED and Share Your Idea for the City 2.0

What is your wish for the City?

TED, the organization dedicated to "ideas worth spreading", has awarded its prestigious TEDPrize this year not to an individual, but to an idea. Specifically, to the City 2.0. 

What is the best idea a city could embrace to position itself for sustained success? Could it be within the ideas posited by select CNU members in their previous TEDTalks? Perhaps the "giving" of Charter of the New Urbanism as a template to the City 2.0? What's your idea? 

Write to tedprize@ted.com. Shape the City. 2.0.




Be sure to check out CNU@TED

Be sure to check out CNU@TED by following this link: www.cnu.org/ted

TED idea

Hello Ben and all,

I wrote to TED with a specific "wish" idea, and despite what it says on their site, they wrote back thanking me and said they are just starting to collect the ideas for the one wish. However, Gate Pratt had a better idea than I did, which is to submit the CNU Charter as the "wish" for the City 2.0.  He suggested the $100K prize be split between the CNU and the National Trust's Main Street program.  Let's submit the wish as a big group. If you agree, please email me at sandysorlien@comcast.net and I'll collect names.


TED wish for City 2.0 update

  • We sent off the "wish" for the City 2.0 Tuesday. The winning wish and recipients will be announced February 29. Here is what we sent:


Our wish for the City 2.0:

The 27 principles of the Charter for the New Urbanism.

As members of the Congress for the New Urbanism, we propose that the TED prize be split between two non-profit organizations whose work has long been concentrated on the future of towns and cities, the National Trust's Main Street program and the CNU. Specifically, the award can help fund a collaboration on the Live/Work/Walk initiative, aimed at removing Federal obstacles to urban mixed-use buildings.


Gate Pratt, New York, NY

Ann Daigle, New Orleans, LA

Sandy Sorlien, Philadelphia, PA

Doug Kelbaugh, Ann Arbor, MI

Robert Orr, New Haven, CT

Beth Dowdle, Palm Beach, FL

Paul Crabtree, Salida, CO

John Massengale, New York, NY

Eliza Harris, Orlando, FL

Bruce F. Donnelly, Shaker Heights, OH

Hazel Borys, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Patrick L. Pinnell, Higganum, CT

Steve Mouzon, Miami Beach, FL

Kit Krankel McCullough, Ann Arbor, MI

David Kim, New York, NY

Howard Blackson, San Diego, CA

Dr. John "Hans" I. Gilderbloom, Louisville, KY

Jennifer Hurley, Philadelphia, PA

Tigran Haas, Stockholm, Sweden

Stephen Coyle, Oakland, CA

Laura French, Dallas, TX

Emily Talen, Phoenix, AZ and Chicago, IL

Michael Watkins, Washington, DC

Neil Heller, Fayetteville, AR

Mary Braithwaite, Nassau, The Bahamas

Hoyt Cousins, Denver, CO

Brian Devin Herrmann, Port Royal, SC

Will Dowdy, Chico, CA

Susan Henderson, Albuquerque, NM

Sara N. Hines, Ashland, MA

Stephen Moore, Sydney, Australia

Hank Dittmar, London, England

John Hooker, Albuquerque, NM



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