Rail-Volution 2012 Call for Speakers

Rail-Volution 2012: Building Livable Communities with Transit is coming up in October, but the deadline for proposals to speak at the summit is this Friday, March 30, 2012. Make sure to submit your proposal today in order to take part in this wonderful event that prides itself on spreading knowledge about transit-oriented developments and their impacts on the health and livability of a community. 

The support in advocacy for this campaign comes from across the board - trained professionals in the field of planning and development, government officials, and of course, citizen activists. The network of individuals dedicating their time to this effort is vast, and has been gaining strength ever since the creation of Rail-Volution in 1995. 

If you meet any of the previous criteria and have a passion for spreading knowledge about this cause, don't hesitate to submit a proposal to speak at Rail-Volution 2012. It could be something simple like a panel presentation or more hands-on and in-depth such as a workshop. 

Please see the attached PDF document for all necessary information on Rail-Volution 2012. This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals new to the idea of transit-oriented developments to understand the significance of efficient public transportation and the role it plays in the building of healthy and livable communities. Remember, the deadline for proposals is March 30, 2012, so don't hesitate. 

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It all starts with streets.

It all starts with streets. See CNU's Sustainable Street Network Principles at www.cnu.org/streets for more.


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