CNU 21 Summer Reads

Summer is in full swing. Before heading to the beach, grab one of the below books, and get a headstart on learning about some of the historical forces behind CNU 21's host city, Salt Lake City. Click on the covers below for more info on each title.

CNU 21 Summer Reads


In Mormon Country by Wallace Stegner

Mormon Country
Wallace Stegner

Town Planning in Frontier America by John Reps

Town Planning in Frontier America
John Reps

 A History of Frontier Urban Planning

Cities of the American West:
A History of Frontier Urban Planning
John Reps


Stewardshop, Sustainability, and Cities
Craig Galli
Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University

Utah's Planning Heritage and its Mormon Significance
April 2006, Urban Land Magazine, Urban Land Institute

Interested in more?

Listen to Andres Duany's thoughts on Mormon Town Planning principles here.


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