CNU 21

Proteus - New Urbanism Ideas From and For the Middle East

What could possibly have taken me to Salt Lake City (SLC) in Utah, United States? Shock put to rest: it was the 21st Congress for New Urbanism (CNU 21), which was held there from May 28th till June 1st. Dozens of experts in and even just supporters (like yours truly) of New Urbanism gathered in such... read more »

Highlights of CNU 21, Part 2

I saw a few more panels on Friday, and spent much of the weekend visiting Salt Lake City's various neighborhoods. Sarah Susanka's plenary address contained one line that spoke to me.  She spoke about an "appreciation for space", comparable to an appreciation for music.  I think one reason ... read more »

Highlights of CNU 21

One interesting part of today's CNU session was Andres Duany's keynote speech.  Duany focused on the relationship between environmentalism and New Urbanism.  He suggested that the fear of climate change was actually more important in shaping public policy than climate change itself, becaus... read more »

CNU Board and Illinois DOT Meet in Chicago

When it comes to urban design issues, the Illinois Department of Transportation may not have the best track record. ... read more »

Listen to a CNU 21 Preview with Chuck Marohn

In a special Fireside Chat with John Norquist, Chuck Marohn gives listeners a special preview to CNU 21. Marohn is Executive Director of Strong Towns, the host of the "Curbside Chat" podcast, and author of Thoughts on Building Strong Towns (Volume 1). Through his work with Strong Towns, Marohn has b... read more »

CNU Fireside Chat: A CNU 21 Preview with Plenary Speaker Richard Louv

  Join John Norquist for a CNU Fireside Chat with CNU 21 Plenary Speaker Richard Louv, journalist and author of eight books about the connections between family, nature and community. ... read more »

Making CNU 21 more accessible

I recently ran across one of the CNU 20 panels on Youtube.  As useful as it was, I'm not sure how many hours I want to spend in front of a computer screen trying to keep my attention on a video presentation.  I started to wonder: is there a way for people to access CNU panels without spend... read more »

CNU Public Square Remains Open!

The CNU 21 Program Committee is meeting in Salt Lake City next week to discuss the first round of idea proposals for next year's Congress. The CNU Public Square is where these ideas are collected and come to congregate.  ... read more »

CNU 21 Summer Reads

Summer is in full swing. Before heading to the beach, grab one of the below books, and get a headstart on learning about some of the historical forces behind CNU 21's host city, Salt Lake City. Click on the covers below for more info on each title. CNU 21 Summer Reads Books: ... read more »