How Walking and Biking Add Value to Your Community and Change the System: An Interview with John Norquist

Project for Public Spaces interviews CNU's own John Norquist this week about 'what urbanists need to learn,' the role of decision makers in terms of transportation, and the upcoming CNU 2012 Transportation Summit. Norquist is the keynote speaker at Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place conference set for September 9-10 in Long Beach, California.

Norquist spoke highly of the fuse between biking/walking; he believes both lead to great streets through the available social interaction. He stressed the need for acceptance of bicycling via new urbanists. The complete street - a street encompassing all modes of transportation- leads to a greater quality of life overall by nurturing diversity, economic development, and growth in general. Norquist mentioned as Mayor of Milwaukee, he strived to make sure public projects really added to the overall growth and betterment of the city. He focused on making sure there was room for social interaction and the marketplace on every street. His hope for the future includes a multi-disciplinary approach to environmental, economic, and social vitality (a idea also known as the Triple Bottom Line.) All types of transportation must be implemented into the street grid to allow everyone the chance to connect socially and economically.

The interview wrapped up with Norquist's take on CNU's Transportation Summit later this year, which will lead into Pro Walk/Pro Bike. He believes the back-to-back aspect of both summits can "lead to a really effective fertilization that leads to a higher level of achievement."

For the full interview, visit Project for Public Spaces. And please visit CNU's Transportation Reform page for more information about the initiative. And, don't forget to register for the Transportation Summit this September! Click here to learn more and register now.


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