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Street sense

I always love using this picture when teaching urban desing and transportation and the means by which to avoid grid lock. cheers Brian Killin@Toronto ... read more »

Snapshots from Day One of 2012 CNU Transportation Summit

CNU Transportation Summit Kicks Off ... read more »

Preview of CNU's Upcoming Transportation Summit

Fireside Chat this Thursday, August 2 with Sam 'Gridlock' Schwartz Catch the newest Fireside Chat this Thursday, August 2 at 5pm EST between CNU's John Norquist and Sam Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz, also known as "Gridlock Sam," is a leading transportation engineer in the United States; he is regarded for... read more »

How Walking and Biking Add Value to Your Community and Change the System: An Interview with John Norquist

Project for Public Spaces interviews CNU's own John Norquist this week about 'what urbanists need to learn,' the role of decision makers in terms of transportation, and the upcoming CNU 2012 Transportation Summit. Norquist is the keynote speaker at Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place conference set for Sep... read more »

Tally tells tale of most tweet-worthy at the CNU 2009 Transportation Summit

CNU's summits and Congresses pack a wealth of knowledge into what seems like a blink of an eye. A decade ago, participants clamored for handouts to retain ideas that might otherwise prove fleeting. ... read more »

Interchanges as Civic Sculpture?

Did Phil Patton get off on the wrong ramp and miss the discussion over the past 20 or so years? ... read more »

Follow the CNU Transportation Summit on Twitter

Almost as fast as 2009 summit participants are sharing key insights and saying quotable things here in Portland, they're being broadcast by a fine group of obsevers on Twitter. ... read more »

Where Transportation Engineers go to recover, reform and change the world: Streetsblog on CNU's Transportation Summit

There are precious few places where transportation engineers, planners, government officials and developers break out of their silos and actually cooperate in creating transportation systems that actu ... read more »