Preview of CNU's Upcoming Transportation Summit

Sam Schwartz

Fireside Chat this Thursday, August 2 with Sam 'Gridlock' Schwartz

Catch the newest Fireside Chat this Thursday, August 2 at 5pm EST between CNU's John Norquist and Sam Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz, also known as "Gridlock Sam," is a leading transportation engineer in the United States; he is regarded for New York City's issues of urban infrastructure, traffic safety, and transportation systems.

The 2012 CNU Transportation Summit will bring together a variety of design professionals to converse on the transportation issues we face today. Past summits have brought to life different CNU initiatives, from Highways to Boulevards to the Emergency Response and Street Design Initiative, among others. Norquist and Schwartz will discuss what to expect from this year's summit and how New Urbanist tactics will help combat the problem.

Join fellow CNU City-Builders for the Fireside Chat Thursday at 5pm EST by registering here.


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