Creating A 50-Year Regional Plan For Southeast Florida

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Recently in 2012, a 50-year plan has begun to be devised for the sustainable development of the next 50 years of one of the most densely populated regions in the United States- Southeast Florida.  The plan is called seven50, and can be largely accredited to CNU.

This plan will include a seven county region- Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties.  The creation and carrying out of a plan of this magnitude is no easy task, and will require the coordination of all governmental municipalities and residents of this densely populated seven county region.

And let's get this straight- Seven50 and Agenda21 are two totally different things, like apples and oranges...

The environment, ecosystems, and impoverished communities of Southeast Florida have suffered tremendously due to careless and automobile-oriented development.  This is why it is extremely important that highly urban, densely populated regions such as this sustainably develop into the future, especially through the use of form-based codes, public transportation, interconnected greenways and park systems, and walkable community development.  

Being that my family is from and has resided in the Miami-Dade area for my generations, I am glad to see a 50-year regional plan such as seven50 coming to fruition and am truly excited to see how this region will sustainably develop into the future.

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