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The Definition Of "Peak Oil" And What This Means For The US

The term "Peak Oil" refers to a "peak" in oil production.  Oil is a finite resource, meaning that there is a limited supply.  The oil that is currently being drilled to and pumped out of the Earth's crust and mantle in locations all over the Earth is not going to come endlessly out of the ground continuously for ever and ever, the end.  This seems to be the fairytale that most people that work in and profit from the oil industry, as well as people that use this resource, believe.

How A Traditional Agricultural City Functions: The Case Of San Isidro, Costa Rica

If you're one of those that is interested in the agricultural New Urbanist community concept, then you might want to check out the city of San Isidro, Costa Rica.  San Isidro is a city with a population of around 35,000.  It lies nestled in a valley surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains located in the Talamanca Mountain range, east of the Pacific coast of southwest Costa Rica.

How Changing/Updating Existing Zoning Laws Could Help Save the Planet

Prior to and during the Industrial Revolution of the 17 and 1800s, cities in the developed world such as London and New York City had become extremely dirty and polluted places to live.  With that many people packed that densely into such a small area, many serious issues arose, especially with sewage and waste disposal.  Many businesses of the day such as tanneries and butchers would throw the carcasses of dead animals into the alley ways behind the businesses, while people resided in apartments above those businesses.

Will Any New Urbanist Development Occur Since The US Federal Reserve Transferred $15 Trillion USD To Private Banks In London?

At this point, most US citizens have figured out that there is serious issues and flaws occurring with financial institutions and markets in the United States and around the world.  The fact is that we now know that most of these issues in financial institutions are being intentionally manufactured by a group of extremely wealthy elitists from around the world, but primarily residing in the UK and US.

How Aquaponics Is Revolutionizing Agriculture

Recently, a new method and system of doing agriculture has arisen known as "aquaponics."  The term "aquaponics," was derived essentially because this method and system of doing agriculture utilizes a mixture of both "aquaculture" (the raising of fish and/or seafood in a controlled, man-made environment), and "hydroponics" (the raising of plants/fruits/vegetables in a controlled, man-made environment).

My Buddy's Organic Fruit Stand In Costa Rica and What It Could Mean For New Urbanism

So this is my buddy's simple little organic fruit stand that I help to grow fruits and vegetables for at the beach here where I am typing from in Uvita, Costa Rica.  In my opinion, this is exactly what we need to be seeing more of in New Urbanist communities in more developed countries such as the United States.

Bank Of America Receives Another Federal Bailout!

As if American citizens weren't already completely awed and angry enought at the big banks and the corporate greed, recently released court documents have revealed that the Federal Reserve of New York decided to hand the Bank Of America another "secret" handout bailout in July, 2012, in spite of the already excessive national debt and highly illegal business practices of the bank that have left countless Americans homeless and living on the streets-


What Does "Reeducation Internment" (Concentration) Camps Have To Do With Democracy And Development In the US?

Recently, documents have been leaked to the general public that outlines the Department Of Defense's (DOD) plan to build and operate "reeducation internment" camps for the purpose of "reeducating political dissidents" in the United States.



Why Did the DHS In the US Recently Purchase So Much Ammunition?

The Department Of Homeland Security (or DHS) in the United States has recently purchased huge amounts of ammunition like has never before been seen in any Federal Agency in the United States; nearly 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition.  These ammunition purchases have created cause for serious concern amongst many Americans.  The right-leaning pundits such as FOX New say not to worry, all of this ammunition being purchased is for Federal Law Enforcement Agency "training."


How the CIA's Illegal Cocaine Trafficking Is Affecting Inner-City Youth In the United States


As I personally recall, the CIA's (Central Intelligence Agency) involvement in illegal cocaine trafficking from South and Central America into the United States first came to light to the general public during the Oliver North trial for the Iran-Contra affair-


More recently, a similar scandal has come to light involving president Barrack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), known as Fast and Furious-