How Much Will Ocean Levels Rise? Playa Santa Catalina, Panama

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Ocean level rise is a very controversial topic in the development field.  There are many studies and theories as to exactly how much the ocean levels will rise in the coming years; and then of course there is the school of thought that people that believe in global warming/climate change and/or ocean level rise are a bunch of psychotic lunatics that should be sent to the mental health clinic and medicated thoroughly.  However, all one has to do to argue against this school of thought is to take those people to where I grew up as a kid in the CapeCanaveral/Cocoa Beach, FL area, and show them the ocean-front homes that have since washed into the ocean due to the rising ocean levels.

Due to the fact that ocean levels are rising, it may not be a wise long-term investment to buy ocean-front property in low-lying areas.  It is my opinion that developing near the beach may be OK for about the next 50 years until the ocean eventually slowly creeps into the streets, parks, and eventually homes. 

But this is also exactly why places such as Playa Santa Catalina are going to become more and more attarctive properties for coastal development in the coming years.  This is because Santa Catalina is sitting on top of a 50 foot cliff overlooking the ocean, as you can vaguely see in the photo to the right.  At the moment, Santa Catalina is a very small town in the countryside of Panama very off the beaten path, with a few neat boutique hotels, surfer hostels, and fishing and dive shops, and is near the main reserve lands of the indigenous peoples of Panama.  The land in the area is relatively flat, which also makes it a good place for community development.  Another great feature is a neat secluded island right off of the coast.  However, you might be at a loss for things to do there if you are not a surfer, fisherperson, or scuba diver.

The main point that I am trying to make here, though, is that if one were to develop on land that sits on the top of a cliff 50 feet above the ocean, you could probably rest pretty easy about your investment, not having to worry too much about exactly how much ocean levels will rise.  This would also mostly spare you from the headaches and arguments with those from the school of thought that you should be sent to the mental institution and medicated just because you believe in global warming/climate change and rising ocean levels.

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