Lessons From Fukushima

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Nuclear energy very clearly is not safe, and so therefore we should very obviously be exploring other forms of renewable energies to power New Urbanist communities as you can very clearly see in the image to the right.  What you are very clearly looking at is a cloud of hot particles of radioactive cesium, cobalt, and iodine 131, just to name a few, that wafted in the breeze and clouds over the Pacific Ocean and into the United States where it rained down in the form of nuclear fallout onto our homes and farm lands.  This all while the seriously damaged reactor 4/containment vessel with spent fuel rods of "MOX" fuel for the Fukushima nuclear power plant still remains an even bigger threat to all of the Earth and humanity.


The likelihood that this very same kind of earthquake-related nuclear incident could happen with a nuclear power plant inside of the United States at some point in the future is probably nearly 100%.  See again the first sentence of this Blog.


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