Eye on the Street: Friday, December 9th, 2011

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Lee Crandall of the Active Transportation Alliance at the CNU-Illinois Kinzie Street Bike Tour.





"Eye on the Street" is an ongoing series of user-generated photos and commentary submitted by dedicated New Urbanists like yourself. Ever been walking down a busy, well-developed street and thought to yourself "I am walking through a great pic of urban design!" and wished you could share it? Ever been attempting to cross an six-lane road and thought to yourself "I just wanna cross! I wish I could take a picture and share this insanity with everyone"? Well, "Eye on the Street" is your way to do exactly that. Snap-as-you-go and submit your pics to: communications@cnu.org.



Read about Chicago's plans

Read about Chicago's plans for increased bike lanes and CDoT commissioner Gabe Klein in this new piece by New City Chicago.


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