Children Have More Freedom In The City

Two phrases you might hear from parents who live in sprawl: 1.  "We moved so our kids could play on the lawn." 2.  "We can't let the kids go outside because there are molesters/crazy drivers everywhere." I don't see how both these propositions can be true.  If you can't let your child... read more »

Why front lawns?

In a recent post on Planetizen's group blog, Todd Litman discusses the pros and cons (mostly cons) of lawns.   ... read more »

Shrinking American Lawns - Washington Post

Amit R. Paley surveyed the greater Washington, D.C. region to find more homeowners opting for smaller lawns or no lawn at all. While not all persons interviewed prefer less lawn, a growing number of people see lawns as a costly maintenance burden. Some feel a private lawn can be easily traded for ... read more »