Retrofitting sprawl

NEW! Sprawl Retrofit Tumblr Forum

Announcing the brand new CNU Sprawl Retrofit forum!  Bookmark the link at: Discuss the latest news, updates and projects for the initiative.  ... read more »

Ellen Dunham-Jones featured in New York Times

“'Basically they’re building the downtowns that the suburbs never had,' along with reworking abandoned urban malls for nonshopping uses, said Ellen Dunham-Jones, a professor at the College of Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology."  ... read more »

Retrofitting in Real Time: Randhurst Mall Looks Towards a New Tomorrow

Randhurst Mall, the mid-century, tomorrow's-future-today design of modernist architect Victor Gruen, is undergoing a sea-change in its life. The  Mt.... read more »

#CNU17 Repairing Sprawl in Just a Few (Easy?) Steps

Even if they stopped building sprawl tomorrow, it will still be with us for decades. "We have to live with it." ... read more »