Magical Mystery Tour

"When a man buys a ticket for a Magical Mystery Tour, he knows what to expect."   But does he really, John? Ringo? Does he? Take the Mystery Tour to CNU 19: ... read more »

CNU 2009 Transportation Summit Tour: Examine Portland's Presidential Design Awarded Transit Mall!

In 1977 the Portland Transit Mall was the first Portland structure to receive national and international recognition for design excellence since Pietro Belluschi’s 1948 Equitable building. ... read more »

CNU 2009 Transportation Summit: Stroll Portland’s Green Streets November 4th with Leading Experts...

Come join us on this fascinating tour held by The Congress for the New Urbanism, where we will assess Portland’s multi-modal streets and networks. ... read more »

Recommend the walking tours!

I took the 3-hour driving tour of Denver at #CNU17 today, and it was wonderful to get out into all the traditional older neighborhoods with wonderful character and architecture. ... read more »