Le Corbusier

Reading Le Corbusier in 2015

I just finished reading Concerning Town Planning, a short book of essays by Le Corbusier.  Before reading this, all I knew about him was a few key phrases: "Radiant City" and "towers in a park."  And Le Corbusier did indeed like high-rises surrounded by greenery.  ... read more »

Oscar Niemeyer 1907- 2012

Oscar Niemeyer, one of the leading 20th century Modernist architects died December 5th. What should urbanists make of him and his career? His curvaceous buildings gave his version of modernism a Brazilian style in contrast to the stark simplicity of le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. Like Corbu, Ni... read more »

Building Smarter Cities…In the Year 2060

When my colleague put an article on my desk today with the subtitle, “Climate change will drive people to urban areas. How will urban planners accommodate them all?” it caught my attention, not because of the topic, but because of the double spread striking image of the “flat tower” proposed... read more »