public transit

Who walks to transit and how much?

At CNU, I picked up a short article written by Lilah Besser and Andrew Dannenberg of the Center for Disease Control on walking to public transit.  ... read more »

How not to make public transit tourist-friendly

After CNU, I rode Tri-Rail and Miami-Dade transit to visit a friend in Miami Beach.  The Tri-Rail trip was fine; Miami-Dade transit, however, was more of an adventure. ... read more »

Don’t X Out Public Transportation Day

Our friends at the Metropolitan Planning Council invited CNU to participate in Don't X Out Public Transportation Day here in Chicago. Chicagoans, read below for the details on today's event, courtesy of the MPC. And for those of you outside Chicagoland, find a rally to attend today and tell Congress... read more »

Jarrett Walker, CNU 19 panelist and blogger, Speaking at UW-Madison on Tue. 05/31

  CNU 19 attendees arriving early are invited to hear international transit consultant and blogger Jarrett Walker speak at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Tuesday, May 31st at 7:00 p.m. ... read more »

NY Times: Industry Fears U.S. May Quit New Car Habit

Americans’ desire — and need — for new cars may be cooling. “Something had to change,” he added. “You just can’t keep going with that many cars.”Lifestyles have changed, too. ... read more »

Debunking Cato (again)

In an October 16 commentary titled Lightrail in Portland Is Successful, Notwithstanding CATO Criticism & FTA Lack of Support, Free Congress Foundation Chairman & CEO Paul M. Weyrich offers another perspective on Randal O'Toole's recent CATO Institute attack on land use and transportation pol... read more »

Conservative Salt Lake City Embracing New Urbanism Thanks to Mayor Rocky - Grist

New Urbanism is gaining steam these days, in blue states and red states. As seen in Grist Magazine's recent interview with Mayor Rocky Anderson, conservative Salt Lake City is pulsing with green technology and dense, transit-friendly development that's putting many progressive American cities to s... read more »