Chicago Unveils Bike 2015 Plan

Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley is making designs to hand off the mayoral baton to Rahm Emanuel...via bicycle relay race. Yesterday saw the release of Chicago's Bike 2015 Plan, a comprehensive program aimed towards improving cyclist safety and expanding Chicago's bicycling infrastructure. Setting a goal to increase bicycle usage to 5% for all short trips in the city, and decrease cyclist accidents by 50%, Bike 2015 incorporates a series of measures that work to integrate bicycling as a viable and safe means of transport throughout the city.

Not only does the plan present a series of measures to make bicycling an integral part of the city's transportation fabric, it also has the potential to serve as an impetus for economic growth. Recent stories, such as this one in Grist, point to the economic benefits of bicycling as a main means of transportation. These are themes CNU will be exploring further during our upcoming CNU19 Congress.

Join us in Madison, Wisconsin from June 1st-4th, as we discuss how Bikeability and Transportation help create vibrant and valuable communities. 


This is great! I bike to work

This is great! I bike to work in Chicago every day in the summer. The more bike infrastructure that exists, the better!


I too am very excited for 50% less biking accidents, which will definitely improve my morning commute.  Also this week
Los Angeles approved their 2010 bike plan. See





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