Highlights of CNU 21, Part 2

I saw a few more panels on Friday, and spent much of the weekend visiting Salt Lake City's various neighborhoods. Sarah Susanka's plenary address contained one line that spoke to me.  She spoke about an "appreciation for space", comparable to an appreciation for music.  I think one reason ... read more »

The Transportation Bill- Not As Bad As You Might Think

Congress recently passed a two-year transportation funding bill, to less-than-glowing reviews from environmentalist-oriented transportation lobbies. ... read more »

Re imagining the SRO as an affordable housing type

Reading Eric Kleinenberg's latest book Going Solo has a new relevance for New Urbanism and links directly to CNU 20.  In an increasingly urbanized world how do we provide for our most neglected populations: the single and homeless?It was gratifying to read Kelinenberg's focus on a new innovati... read more »

Synagogue options for Jewish CNU-goers

If you would like to spend Friday evening or Saturday morning in a synagogue, there are plenty of options- nothing within a few blocks of the Congress, but several within a 30-45 minute walk.  They include: Chabad ( meets at hotels on Palm Beach side.  Call 561-420-500... read more »

2012 Driehaus Form-Based Codes Award - Due March 19!

The Form-Based Codes Institute (FBCI) is hosting the sixth annual award for achievement in the writing and implementation of Form-Based Codes. Winners will be announced on May 11, 2012 at the CNU's 20th annual meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida. ... read more »

CNU: Increasing Value Everywhere You Go

A recent report from Madison's The Cap Times reveals that even in times of continued economic constraints, Madison's Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center saw an "overall economic impact on the community up by nearly one-quarter" over the previous year. CNU 19, one of "three large events in... read more »

Why I brag about CNU

In my recent move to a new employer (Olsson Associates, for those of you curious), I highlighted my years of involvement with CNU as a key positive. Why do I do this? What's special about CNU, compared to other professional organizations like AIA, APA, or even ULI? ... read more »

Sneak Peek of CNU 19 Webcasts - "Public Space Design in Europe, the Middle East, China, and South America"

Have you logged in to your account to check out the CNU Webcast Library yet?Remember, all CNU members can now access the CNU 19 Webcast Library for all sessions that were recorded. While you're there, you can visit the CNU 18 Webcast Library, as well.... read more »