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Calling All Advocates: New Highways-to-Boulevards Survey

Hello Highway Removal Advocates!

CNU is embarking on a new an effort that will expand our Highways-to-Boulevards initiative through online educational resources. This educational series will provide advocates with the tools to execute a successful Highway Removal campaign. We need to hear from you about what tools, information, and resources would be most helpful.

New PIRG Study Shows Driving in Decline

Recently, The U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) published a report that was the first study to analyze the nation’s changing trends in driving practices. The most striking aspect of this report is that it provides strong evidence to counter the assumption of U.S. government officials that vehicle use will continue on an upward trajectory. Now, U.S. PIRG has expanded on this study by producing a new report, which completes a state-by-state driving analysis.

HIGHWAYS TO BOULEVARDS BLOG: Austin's I-35 “Cut and Cap” Approach

This post is a part of CNU’s Highways to Boulevards Blog series, which features interview summaries and insights from some of the best minds at the frontline of our Highways to Boulevards Initiative.

Chicago Residents Petition for Urban Living space

The Illinois Department of transportation (IDOT) has been pushing a transportation project that has met the ire of residents in Chicago’s Greektown and West Loop communities.

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URBANISM+2030: Interview with Erin Christensen

CNU’s LeRoy Taylor recently interviewed Erin Christensen, Associate Principal at Mithun to discuss the new joint initiative between CNU and Architecture 2030. Erin will host an Open Source session on URBANISM+2030 this week at CNU 21 (Thursday, May 30 after the morning plenary).

U.S. Driving Decline

Thinking of a Master Plan: The American Dream

Converting Detroit's I-375 to a boulevard

Lions, Tigers, and Boulevards

Lions, Tigers and boulevards: each are reasons to be excited about Detroit. Yes even the Lions! As a native Detroiter, I dare not forget to mention the Detroit Red Wings who just hustled their way past the Ducks to begin what will be an intense series with the Blackhawks, but they’ve long been a standard of excellence in a city that’s had more than its fair share of challenges.