Even if Democrats Killed Detroit, Sprawl STILL Killed Detroit

One result of Detroit's recent bankruptcy has been the usual finger-pointing about the cause of that city's probems. Commonly mentioned culprits include deindustrialization, absence of federal support, and the sprawl-induced decline of urban tax bases.  Another common argument (especially among... read more »

Converting Detroit's I-375 to a boulevard

Lions, Tigers, and BoulevardsLions, Tigers and boulevards: each are reasons to be excited about Detroit. Yes even the Lions! As a native Detroiter, I dare not forget to mention the Detroit Red Wings who just hustled their way past the Ducks to begin what will be an intense series with the Blackhawks... read more »

Norquist to speak at UM-ULI Real Estate Forum

John Norquist, President & CEO of CNU, is scheduled to give the keynote luncheon address on November 10th at the 25th Annual University of Michigan and Urban Land Institute Real Estate Forum. In recent years, Detroit has been a major symbol of the real estate challenges being faced across the co... read more »

Beware! Data-fudgers from Detroit Might "Steal" Your Car in Milwaukee

This past February, a website called issued a report on the Top Ten U.S. Neighborhoods for auto theft. ... read more »

A Town Revitalized?

A beautifully sad story full of inspiration and hope. ... read more »

What can Detroit learn from Istanbul?

“When you hear Detroit,” John Norquist told me cryptically yesterday morning, “think Istanbul.” I had just been shown an essay John wrote for the latest issue of the magazine Monocle, a ... read more »

Not Just Fix It First

New highway construction has been destructive to US Metro areas inducing sprawl and degrading existing neighborhoods. ... read more »

Video: Ian Lockwood on Bringing Back Detroit's Street Network

Check out this video by Model D TV: ... read more »

CNU XV Blog, Part 4: BosTroit

At one of the NextGen small group sessions, I heard a wonderful phrase describing what's going on in Philadelphia and some other cities: "BosTroit"- like Boston downtown (i.e. ... read more »

Buzz growing as Motown’s Downtown Population Grows, learn more at CNU XV's Detroit Sessions

Corey Williams documents the growing demand for retail in Downtown Detroit in the Detroit Free Press on May 5 in ... read more »