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Mayor's Task Force for Downtown Lending

One of the lasting marks from the Great Recession has been a decrease in lending.  This can be a good thing if it means that financially-unsound projects don't get funded.  Unfortunately, not only unsound but entirely sound projects have been swept up in this consequence.

Financially-sound mixed use projects have been especially hard hit in the lending markets.  This poses a major hurdle to urban redevelopment and is the subject of an entire CNU Initiative on how to reduce regulations that exacerbate the issue.

From One Municipality to Another...

In my former life as a lawprof and private consultant focused on New Urbanism, I remember many trips to many different cities where I shared my best advice on how to overcome the challenges of sprawl development.  During every one of those seminars, speeches, and the like, I offered what I thought were important responses and potential solutions for cities to embrace to counter unsustainable development.

Downtown Montgomery's First Reverse Angle Parking

Downtown Montgomery continued its trend of implementing innovative New Urban projects with new reverse angle parking on a key thoroughfare in the Central Business District.  

So far, the reviews have been positive as drivers/parkers begin to see the safety and convenience advantages that reverse angle parking can offer in an urban setting.

Just another example of how Montgomery is becoming one of the most New Urban-friendly cities in the country...