Bank Of America Receives Another Federal Bailout!

As if American citizens weren't already completely awed and angry enought at the big banks and the corporate greed, recently released court documents have revealed that the Federal Reserve of New York decided to hand the Bank Of America another "secret" handout bailout in July, 2012, in spite of the... read more »

What Does the LIBOR Banking Scandal Mean For New Urbanism?

Recently a fraudulent banking scandal was brought to light known as the LIBOR scandal. LIBOR stands for London Inter-Bank Offer Rate.  This fraudulent banking scandal has rocked the whole world's financial system, and could very well be the root cause of the economic downturns experienced by th... read more »

Mayor's Task Force for Downtown Lending

One of the lasting marks from the Great Recession has been a decrease in lending.  This can be a good thing if it means that financially-unsound projects don't get funded.  Unfortunately, not only unsound but entirely sound projects have been swept up in this consequence. Financially-sound... read more »

Financing the Evolution of the Built Environment

Financing the Evolution of the Built Environment MaryVogel | June 21, 2010 originally posted to Sustainable Industries blog where it has photos and links "I suppose it was a tragic thing that the New Urbanists made themselves hostage to the same banking system that was behin... read more »