Fannie Mae

Mayor's Task Force for Downtown Lending

One of the lasting marks from the Great Recession has been a decrease in lending.  This can be a good thing if it means that financially-unsound projects don't get funded.  Unfortunately, not only unsound but entirely sound projects have been swept up in this consequence. Financially-sound... read more »

How does finance shape urban form?

"Increasingly, federal officials are realizing the deleterious effects of these. ... read more »

Waiting in Harlem

The recent New York Times article "In East Harlem, 'Keep Out' Signs Apply to Renters" showcases the struggle in redeveloping formerly derelict areas, even in a place like Manhattan, where - as the author states - the vacancy rate is nearly 1 percent. While it is easy to look towards property owners ... read more »

Putting the "Urban Development" back in HUD

William Tuyn is the Vice President/Director of Town Planning for engineering and construction firm, GPI/Greenman-Pedersen, Inc., and an integral member of the team behind CNU 22 in Buffalo. The following is a guest post relating Tuyn's thoughts on CNU's FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Reform initiat... read more »

Building Boom: A Community Grows Outside of Fannie Mae Financing

My first home was my dream.   A newly rehabbed condo right on the beach and a block from transit.   The developer owned the building for 12 years and he and a work crew were slowly transitioning a former rental building into condos, doing 3-4 units per year over ten years.  ... read more »

Love Freedom? Move to the City.

CNU has always been a champion for context-sensitive and common sense strategies that enliven our communities. Advocating for dense, walkable and mixed-use neighborhoods helps foster awareness of the many ancillary benefits of urban-based living. ... read more »

Ed Glaeser Echoes CNU-led Coalition's Call for Fannie/Freddie Reform

In a short opinion piece for the New York Times' "Room for Debate" blog this morning, Harvard economist and Triumph of the City author Ed Glaeser adds his own take on why Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform is essential in resettin ... read more »

CNU Pushes Fannie and Freddie to Relax Standards for Mixed-Use Development

CNU's efforts to work with NAHB and NTBA to encourage Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to relax their standards for mixed-use development has been getting some press. Read our own CNU News release here. ... read more »

Obama administration shows promise with location-efficient mortgage reform

DC Streets Blog had an important follow-up from last week's CNU Statement on Fannie Mae and Fre ... read more »