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New Urbanism has now arrived in America's Motor City. Even in the land of the car, people are ditching the two-car garage and opting for walkability and convenient location. John Gallagher gives a preview of what could be a miraculous urban turnaround for a city known well for its post-World War II urban decay. Gallagher paints New Urbanism's early brainchild, Seaside, as a successful model for suburban alternatives, but will the allure of dense urban living in a northern industrial city be strong enough to slow suburban sprawl?

Famed corner in line for modern makeover
August 20, 2006


It's a long way from the Florida panhandle to the corner of Michigan and Trumbull in Detroit.

But a movement in neighborhood planning that began on Florida's gulf coast about 25 years ago may reach its most natural expression on the streets of Motown.

...Detroit's new emphasis on an urban quality of life -- at least in and around its core downtown district -- has enriched life for daytime workers and residents of the newest loft residential units.

In the latest example, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's plan to replace the old Tiger Stadium at Michigan and Trumbull with a mixed-use development of shops and residential units is straight out of the New Urbanism playbook.

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