Mark Nickita

Fireside Chat with Mark Nickita

Mark your calendars for CNU’s next Fireside Chat on January 17, 2012!  ... read more »

CNU Member Mark Nickita Appointed Mayor of Birmingham

On Monday, the City Commission of Birmingham, MI appointed Mark Nickita , CNU activist and Detroit-based architect, as the city’s next mayor.  Nickita was a member of the city planning board prior to his election to the City Commission in 2009.  As chair of the City Plan Commission, he l... read more »

New Urbanism in America's Car Capital - Free Press

New Urbanism has now arrived in America's Motor City. Even in the land of the car, people are ditching the two-car garage and opting for walkability and convenient location. John Gallagher gives a preview of what could be a miraculous urban turnaround for a city known well for its post-World War I... read more »