CNU at the fire code hearings: Here we go...

BALTIMORE -- CNU’s proposed changes to the International Fire Code will be heard and either approved or rejected within the next two hours, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. EDT. Watch via the International Code Council's webstream: Access the feed here, click “Code Hearings: Track 1” under “Events.”


remember jon

This is just a step in the process. If we win, it just means moving to the next step. If we lose then we broaden our effort to include groups like the ITE, Home Builders and Realtors and consider options like establishing our own standard outside the ICC system. But maybe we'll make progress today......

Speaking of remembering

We should all remember that these changes would make the fire code less focused on mandating wide streets, and more flexible in allowing cities to take advantage of the safety and response benefits of connected networks of walkable narrower streets.

The proposals simultaneously recognize the solid common ground for ongoing efforts to reconcile narrower streets and good emergency access: Street connectivity — specifically well-connected networks of traditional street grids — is essential to good urbanism, shortens emergency response times, and improves overall community life safety.

We are now 17 items away...


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