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Emergency Response and Street Design Initiative Report Released

Since 2008, the Congress for the New Urbanism has been working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Smart Growth program and fire marshals from across the nation to establish new street design standards that allow for narrower streets and increased connectivity. ... read more »

CNU's Emergency Response and Street Design Initiative

CNU is leading the charge to get new urbanists and firefighters to agree on a set of street design standards that are both attractive, useful, pedestrian-friendly and safer for all.   ... read more »

More evidence emerges: Sprawl lengthens emergency response times

Suburban sprawl is hurting Emergency Medical Service response times, according to a new study released by University of Virginia researchers and published in the November 2009 edition of the ... read more »

Public comments window open for fire code proposals

CNU went 1-for-2 at the International Code Council’s fire code hearings in October 2009, but as ... read more »

CNU at the fire code hearings: Here we go...

BALTIMORE -- CNU’s proposed changes to the International Fire Code will be heard and either approved or rejected within the next two hou ... read more »

CNU's fire code proposals up today in Baltimore; watch the hearings online

BALTIMORE – The International Code Council hearings are an arena in which the (mostly) irresistible force of brevity meets the immovable agenda: hundreds of proposed additions, deletions, correct ... read more »

Transportation Summit host touts street design-safety links

Street design goes far beyond traffic “throughput” or aesthetics alone; strong links between street design and public safety must be recognized and incorporated into everyday traffic engineerin ... read more »

Charlotte case study links street connectivity with faster response time, greater efficiency for emergency services

In the past, New Urbanists and some fire departments have been at odds over street design. ... read more »

Connected Streets and Emergency Response

While the environmental, social, and even ... read more »

More sprinklers, narrower streets?

Sprinklers are the key to greater flexibility from the fire service, says Capt. Frank Kinnier, an assistant fire marshal with Chesterfield County (Va.) Fire & EMS. ... read more »