Texas adopts CNU's context-sensitive streets guidance

sidewalk scene from the slideshow on context-sensitive streets by CNU and ITE

As most people in the CNU family know, Texas has become the first state officially to adopt the comprehensive set of context-sensitive street design guidelines written by the CNU and the Institute of Transportation Engineers. For those who are interested, I applaud the move in a post today on my NRDC blog.


An example to emulate

Thanks for highlighting this enlightened move by the Texas DOT and making the case that other DOTs should follow suit.

Scott Polikov has a good essay at Citiwire.net this week that gives some great highlights of the prep work that led TxDOT to take this step, including a presentation by John Norquist to the Texas Transportation Commission in which he perhaps surprising found some common ground before delivering his slide presentation showing the devastating effects of big highways in cities and the huge opportunity to replace them with neighborhood-friendly, value-building boulevards. “Mr. Chairman, I’m not against your big road running between your cities," said Norquist, "but I am here to talk about how TxDOT can begin to support local communities, neighborhoods and economic development.”


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