Complete Streets

Turn Lanes Are Anti-Pedestrian & Therefore Anti-Urban

A NEW YORK CITY MTA Bus almost ran me over this morning as I WALKED my bike in a crosswalk with a green light. Before he almost ran me over the driver honked at me, loudly, to tell me to get out of his way. And I repeat, I was walking in a crosswalk, with the walk light. ... read more »

Recap: Highways to Boulevards Summer Internship

Roadways along downtown waterfronts can prove to be a very volatile mission. If done right, as was the case in San Francisco's Embarcadero (link), a city can align the public with the water while also re-distributing traffic throughout the rest of the street grid. If done wrong, like in number of No... read more »

Streets are for Everyone: Involving Children in Tacoma’s Complete Streets Program

This is a guest blog post from two planning interns with The City of Tacoma, WA. They brought the concept of Complete Streets to local elementary students, and asked them to envision the kind of streets they want in their community. THE PROJECT What started as a project for two planning interns with... read more »

Complete Streets: Tools to Move from Idea to Practice

On Tuesday, November 13th, the American Planning Association held a discussion "Complete Streets: Tools to Move from Idea to Practice." Two speakers from Chicago's community of transportation experts, Stefanie Seskin, deputy director of the National Complete Streets Coalition, and M. Paul Lippe... read more »

A Word on the Model Design Manual for Living Streets from Ryan Snyder

The following is a guest post from Ryan Snyder, the principal behind Ryan Snyder Associates and main organizer behind last year's meeting to create the plan for Los Angeles County's Model Design Manual for Living Streets. Since its release, the manual has been downloaded in the U.S., ... read more »

Where's My Crosswalk?

This video asks Hollywood, CA, "Where's My Crosswalk?" (Thanks to StreetsblogLA for the video.) ... read more »

Andrew Howard's Better Block Parties

It is sometimes objected to new urbanism that it’s somehow inauthentic - that streets where the houses have front porches and communities built around a town center may have more to do with stage design than the way real people live today. ... read more »

Complete Streets or Complete Networks?

The “complete streets” idea - the concept that streets need to be designed for all users, including pedestrians and cyclists as well as SUVS and fire trucks - has caught on well in recent years. Maybe it’s caught on too well, in fact. That was one of the messages in the NU 202 session on “Im... read more »

Big Easy, Complete Streets

The minds behind CNU are always in demand. Just last week, our Planning Director Heather Smith was called by the Louisiana chapter of the AARP to participate in a series of events being conducted in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. ... read more »

Live from the Left Coast: An Interview with Heather Smith and Norman Garrick

A bevy of CNU-aligned minds gathered together in Los Angeles this week to develop a "master blueprint" for the streets of Los Angeles County. The meeting was led by CNU member Ryan Snyder, who gathered together 50 or so experts from around the country to help complete a Model Streets Manual. ... read more »