Win a FREE ticket to CNU 18 and help America get a Makeover!

Here at CNU, we're really excited about a new project by some old friends that we hope will help take New Urbanism to a broader mass audience.

In fact, we're so excited that we've decided to help reach its fundraising goal by offering free registration to CNU 18 for one of the project's donors! Anyone who gives a pledge starting at $35 is automatically entered into a raffle to win - it's that easy!

The project is called "American Makeover," and it's brought to you by the same people who created last year's award-winning video, Built to Last:

Last summer, in our spare time, we created a short little film which won a prize, garnered over 80,000 YouTube hits, and got blogged in The Atlantic, Fast Company, and other mainline and new media outlets--all this because we had the audacity to claim that the greatest threat to our planet was cul-de-sacs. Well, not only cul-de-sacs. We were really pointing our finger at the entire system of suburban sprawl.

We think "Built to Last" struck a chord because in the last few years Americans are slowly coming to the realization that suburbia is not all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, suburban sprawl is causing a lot of problems, and its not necessarily delivering on the idyllic life that it originally promised. So what is the alternative? We hope to show you.

So the team at 1st and Main has started the six-episode series to build on Built to Last in a more developed, longer format.

Our project is to visit six cities across America to create six short webisodes about new urbanism. Each episode will profile an actual town or neighborhood, giving viewers a first-hand look at new urbanism and what its like to live there. The six episodes (approximately 5-8 minutes each) will be released online at our official website and YouTube channel.

Finally, we’ll compile all of these episodes, along with "Built to Last," into a DVD. We think the DVD will be an invaluable tool for community leaders, urban planners, architects and mayors. It will allow for public screenings and group discussions at community meetings where urban planning and civic design choices are being made.

They need your help to get behind the project and make it a reality by reaching the fundraising goal they've set on Kickstarter. The goal is to help cover season one's costs and get the project rolling.

Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraiser, so if you don't meet your funding target, you don't get a dime. You have to reach your goal, so that's why a donation of whatever you can is so important. To make the show, they'll have to reach their goal, five dollars at a time if necessary.

Please help by donating at the Kickstarter page here. Learn more about the project here. The drawing for a free registration will be held April 7th, so mark your calendars and do what you can to help a great cause. Thanks in advance for your help moving this project along!

P.S. - If you haven't seen it, check out Built to Last:


Pilot will shoot this month in Atlanta

Well said, Ryan. This production team is talented and I've confirmed that they're heading down to the host city of CNU 18 to shoot a pilot that documents life at Glenwood Park, a CNU Charter Award winning infill development, compared to life in sprawling parts of the mega-metro.

I'm excited enough that I made a personal pledge at Kickstarter. It winds up working like a hotel credit card authorization — it only goes through if enough other people step up and help the project meet its fundraising goal.


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