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Thrush examines America's retrofitting future

George Thrush, Director of the School of Architecture at Northeastern University, takes on the topic of infill in the most recent iss

HUD Official Offers Economics-Savvy Vision for New Sustainability Office

Newly appointed Director of HUD's Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities »

CNU Co-Founder Duany designs housing for displaced Haitians

Architect, planner and CNU Co-founder Andres Duany has designed a prefabricated hous

Win a FREE ticket to CNU 18 and help America get a Makeover!

Here at CNU, we're really excited about a new project by some old friends that we hope will help take New Urbanism to a broader mass audience.

2020cities blog lends Swedish voice to New Urbanist community

Swedish journalist Anders Steinvall has been around the block.

NU principles drive revitalization plans in Rockford, IL

The Rockford Register Star recently profiled the efforts of Montreal-based planning fir

Obama administration shows promise with location-efficient mortgage reform

DC Streets Blog had an important follow-up from last week's CNU Statement on Fannie Mae and Fre

Brookings: Fastest growing poverty rates occur in suburbs

In places where sprawl without smart regional planning continues its inexorable march outward (and with it its expensive, car-dependent attitude), it is unsurprising that these areas might also see ma

CNU Fact Check: What War on Suburbia?

UPDATE: The original story stated falsely that Senator-Elect Scott Brown gained 11 points over the McCain vote statewide. The actual number is 16.

‘Urbany’ named a crucial trend for 2010

Trendwatching.com, a consumer trends firm, has named “Urbany” one of their top trends to watch in the upcoming year.