Stop Proposition 23

There is a proposition on the California ballot that, if passed, will essentially repeal California’s strongest environmental protection law designed to decrease auto dependency and reduce greenhouse gasses This initiative, known as proposition 23, threatens a body of law enacted over the last few years by a bipartisan coalition including Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Congress for the New Urbanism board, at its October meeting, voted to oppose proposition 23. The board believes California’s Climate protection law should be emulated, not eliminated.

I urge our California members to vote on Tuesday. Much is at stake.

Below are links to more information on Prop 23:

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Prop 23 Voter's Guide

Here's a voter's guide to Prop 23:


Prop 23 is prop wash

Proposition 23 was defeated soundly. Good news for those of us who believe in energy efficiency and sustainable communities.

LA Times

November 03, 2010 - 11:50AM ET Proposition - 23 - Suspend pollution laws - Ballot Issue California - 23209 of 24845 Precincts Reporting - 93% Name Votes Vote % No 4,222,060 61% Yes 2,658,278 39%


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