The Real Swing Voters

My sense is that the conventional political wisdom is that urban voters are Democrats, rural voters are Republicans and suburbanites are in the middle. ... read more »

Voting Closes at Noon Sharp for CNU Board Elections

Voting for the first-ever CNU Board Elections closes today sharply at Noon. To vote, follow the instructions below: 1. Login to your CNU.org account at www.cnu.org/user. 2. Meet the Candidates by clicking here. 3. Cast your vote at www.cnu.org/2012boardelections/candidates. This is your Congress. Vo... read more »

Stop Proposition 23

There is a proposition on the California ballot that, if passed, will essentially repeal California‚Äôs strongest environmental protection law designed to decrease auto dependency and reduce greenhouse gasses This initiative, known as proposition 23, threatens a body of law enacted over the last few... read more »