Special Offer for Form-Based Codes Institute Online Course

The Form-Based Codes Institute, a CNU-A Continuing Education partner, is offering its popular one-day class, The ABCs of Form-Based Codes, online and for a special price!  

From the FBCI site:

"This 8-hour web-based course replicates FBCI's popular one-day ABCs of Form-Based Codes. It is a comprehensive introduction in which participants learn the principles and components of FBCs, as powerful regulatory tools to shape community form and character. The course gives a complete overview and solid grounding in the practice of creating and implementing form-based codes. The e-learning format allows you to take it conveniently from your home or office, in a single day or during a period of up to six weeks. The course if composed of eight segments arranged in sequential order, with recorded presentations, reading assignments and a virtual field exercise. Each of the eight segments builds upon the preceding one to create a comprehensive body of knowledge."

The ABCs of Form-Based Codes, normally an all-day class for $250, is available at a reduced price in the new online format. Participants can complete the online version in a single day but will enjoy six weeks to finish it. The same continuing professional education credits apply. The discounted price is available through the first week of November.

The Form-Based Codes Institute (FBCI) is a professional non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the knowledge and use of form-based codes for community planning and development. FBCI offers education, pursues high standards and provides a forum for discussion of form-based codes.

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