form-based code

Form-Based Code Results in Successful Bay Area TOD

When it opened in 2010, Walnut Creek Apartments provided 422 apartment units and 35,000 square feet of street-facing retail immediately adjacent to the Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre Station of the BART system, located in Walnut Creek, California, in the bay area east of San Francisco. What isnâ€... read more »

Special Offer for Form-Based Codes Institute Online Course

The Form-Based Codes Institute, a CNU-A Continuing Education partner, is offering its popular one-day class, The ABCs of Form-Based Codes, online and for a special price!   ... read more »

Form-Based Redevelopment Plan and Code Adopted for Padre Island

Great news from Padre Island, courtesy of our friends at Gateway Planning: ... read more »

The North Carolina Senate's Big Act

Although Governor Bev Perdue - a Democrat - now heads North Carolina, one would hardly equate the Tar Heel State as a capital of big government. In the land of states' rights, logic would seemingly dictate that the North Carolina state legislature would allow for local municipalities to operate free... read more »

Seaside's Regulating Code Poster

Is the Seaside regulating code poster available in electronic form anywhere on the Internet? ... read more »